Baumer Electric Laser “Copy Counter” – SCATEC-2

SCATEC-2 Product Datasheet SCATEC-2 Product Datasheet    $2950 (Includes Bracket and Cable)

Part Numbers

FLDK 110C1003/S42
FLDK 110G1003/S14
FLDK 110G1003/S42
FLDK 110G1005/S14
FLDK 110G1005/S42
FLDK 110G1006/S42


  • High sensitivity Paper thickness down to 0,2 mm can be easily detected.
  • High counting rate Up to 600,000 copies per hour are possible.
  • Settings The sensor can be optimized via dip-switch.
  • Easy to mount The sensor is mounted parallel to the conveyor at a 40 mm distance.

Baumer Electric is proud to introduce the SCATEC-2 Laser “Copy Counter”, a member of the SCATEC-family of non-contact laser-based sensors, designed to count newspapers, magazines and other printed matter in a lap or shingle stream.

The SCATEC-2 detects sheets down to a thickness of 0,2 mm at up to 600,000 pieces per hour. The sensor is adjustable via a simple dip-switch.


Specification: Baumer Electric Laser “Copy Counter” — SCATEC-2

Range:0…60 mm below the sensorSensitivitysingle sheet detection down to 0,2 mm* are recognized in the range of 37…43 mm below the sensor (* test object: neatly cut, matte white paper)
Color insensitivity:multi colored objects like magazines and other printed objects with a color range from black to shiny white are recognized, even if the bright / dark transitions are near to the edgeRecommended mounting:parallel, to the conveyer belts and 40 mm above them
Counting rate:max. 600‘000 copies/hObject speed:0…2 m/s for > 0,3 mm edges0…1 m/s for > 0,2 mm edges
Distance between objects:min. 1 mm at speed 0,2 m/smin. 5 mm at speed 1 m/sStream condition:folded edge leading, in certain cases also cut edge leading
Multiple pulse suppression:via microprocessor, 3 program optionsLight source:laserdiode 670 nm, visible red, mean output power < 0,3 mW, laser class 2
Voltage supply range +Vs10 – 30 VDCMax supply current150 mA
Output:push-pull (FLDK 110G1003/S14 / FLDK 110G1003/S42) opto isolated, open collector output (FLDK 110C1003/S14 / FLDK 110C1003/S42)Output pulse duration:5, 10, 15 and 20 ms selectable
Connector:M12 x 1 or DIN 45322Connector output:1x DIN 45322, 6 pin, for sensor operation, connector is supplied (part number 104236)1x DIN 45322, 8 pin, interfaces
Housing dimensions: 110x50x30 mmHousing material:plastic (PBTP)
 Weight:approx. 130 gTemperature range:0…+50 °C (non condensing)
Protection class: IP 54